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Comforting Hands


Healing Hands. Caring Hearts.

Sanarever® is an easy to use, wound healing spray that forms a very thin and breathable protective layer on the skin, which protects it against potential damage from contaminants and also provides protection against maceration of the skin. The fluidity of Sanarever's biomaterial allows it to penetrate deeply into the wound bed, which stimulates acute inflammation and the gradual disposition of new extracellular matrix at an early stage.

The solution is a brown liquid and the liquid dosage form gives the additional advantage of an even distribution of the spray over the entire surface of the ulcer, even in wounds with irregular surfaces where some dressings might find it difficult to conform to the wound’s surface. It dries instantly after application and does not leave a residue on the skin so you may apply a new barrier over it.

Sanarever® is non-oil based, alcohol free and sting free formula that does not leave the skin dried out. Furthermore, it is safe and compatible with the skin’s microbiome, equally suitable for babies, pregnant women, immunocompromised patients, and the elderly.

The delivery system design of the Sanarever spray bottle makes it even easier to use at any angle, portable and, first aid for sports and outdoor activities. Sanarever is not waterproof, after cleaning the wound, spray/ apply Sanarever, and cover the wound with a sterile bandage, if bandaged, let it dry first. 


Key ingredients

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